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In-patient care is medical treatment administered to a patient whose condition requires treatment in a hospital or other health care facility, and the patient is formally admitted to the facility by a doctor. Patients enter inpatient care mainly from previous ambulatory care such as a referral from a family doctor, or through emergency medicine departments. The patient formally becomes an “inpatient” at the writing of an admission note.

Health care professionals involved in rehabilitation are often involved in discharge planning for patients. When considering patient discharge, there are a number of factors to take into consideration: the patient’s current state, their place of residence and the type of support available. When considering the patient’s current state, although the patient may be eligible for discharge it is important to examine factors such as the likelihood of re-injury to avoid higher health care costs.

Patients’ homes should also be visited and examined before they are discharged from the hospital to determine any immediate challenges and corresponding goals, adaptations and assistive devices that need to be implemented. Follow-up appointments should also be coordinated with the patient prior to discharge to monitor the patient’s progress as well as any potential complications that may have arisen.

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Dr. Shah admits and provides inpatient care at Highland park hospital. Dr. Shah also follows his patients at various area nursing homes and rehab facilities. To learn more, please call our office at 847-489-1515.

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