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In-house lab testing means our office can provide you with a variety of medical tests right on site, without the inconvenience that comes from having to schedule a test at a lab or hospital. Our lab features state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled personnel for optimal quality control so you can get your results quickly and feel confident about the lab testing procedures we implement. Lab testing is one of the best ways to identify diseases and conditions in their earliest stages, or identify risk factors that may predispose you to a disease.

We offer a broad range of testing services, including tests for diabetes, AMA recognized health screening panels, blood tests, urinalysis and a variety of other tests and panel that can help identify medical conditions as well as potential risk factors.

We collect blood samples and send them to the labs that align with your insurance company. For more information, please email us at or call our office at 847-489-1515.

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Located in the heart of Northbrook, the team at Advanced Internal Medicine Associates are dedicated to treating all of our patients with the utmost dignity and respect.

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